The restaurant

almed02Al-Medina was born in Seville in 1998 as a proposal more to the cuisine of the city, and in response to the demand for an alternative kitchen and therefore different.

Our desire is to present one of the great culinary traditions of humanity, Arab cuisine and more specifically the traditional cuisine of Morocco; thereby also we try to experience what has always been said, that enter the kitchen of a country is, as well, enter the kitchen of their culture and history.

Located in a beautiful and quiet enclave of the historic city center ( Museum Square ), Al-medina retains all the magic that surrounds this culture, with a sober touch and both elegant and welcoming, accommodate 42 diners and staffed by native personnel from different regions of Morocco.

In our establishment, predominate arabesque touches, with a colorful red tones, indigo blue and green, where we can admire plaster carvings made by Moroccan craftsmen, plus details that they take us directly to cities like Rabat, Casablanca, Fez y Marrakech.

Nothing would be more important to us that every customer would feel part of this culture through Al-Medina and its gastronomy. So we hope that curiosity is the prelude to the knowledge of gastronomy, Arabic, it has a lot to offer and teach those who know that eating is more than just satisfy hunger.


platos04The Moroccan cuisine can boast of being one of the Arab cuisines, because without living back at the season he has managed to preserve the best of their tradition.

In the MAGREB note, among other things that the kinship of its gastronomy with Mediterranean cuisine (Italian, Spanish, Greek, Turkish) It is less distant than you might think. Contrary to some received ideas scourges, the kitchen, Morocco is not greasy or spicy. Associated dietary gastronomy through the use of condiments and spices that enhance the flavors and give warm colors reminiscent of the East and the Desert.

Moroccan cuisine is rich and varied, and a real pleasure for the senses. Among the most popular dishes include the "Couscous", wheat semolina boiled steamed vegetables accompanied, chicken meat, lamb or fish.

They are also highly appreciated other dishes such as "Mechoui", Grilled lamb roast; the plate by national excellence in Morocco is "Tajine", meat, chicken or fish, and stewed vegetables.

Spicy meat kabobs, usually lamb or veal, They are a delicious and economical dish can taste anywhere. The "Pill" consists of a thin puff pastry stuffed with pigeon, almonds, onions and raisins.

Regarding pastry, the list is endless: honey cakes, nuts and orange blossom water, puff pastry and almond paste, with raisins or sesame, in addition to the fresh juicy fruits. Among drinks, nothing better than the national drink, green tea with mint, tasted at any time, It is appreciated for its digestive and refreshing virtues stimulants, a pleasure at any time of day.